Restaurant of the DLK Group whose Executive Chef is Spanish, Koldo Miranda, winner of 1 Michelin Star.

Type of cuisine : Creole and nikkei touches and Cantabrian Mediterranean.

Where? Cl. 90 # 11-13

Harry Sasson

Harry is one of the most recognized Colombian chefs and his restaurant has been included in the list of the 50 best in Latin America.

Located in a beautiful conservation house in El Nogal neighborhood

Where? Cra. 9 # 75-70


The famous Peruvian chain opened its doors in Bogotá, making Osaka the group's 8 restaurant in Latin America. Its success is based on combining atypical Peruvian ingredients with classic Nikkei cuisine to give life to a Japanese Amazon fusion. We recommend tumbo prawns.

Where? Cra.13 # 85-25

Black Bear

On the corner of Carrera 11 and Calle 90, in front of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, is this avant-garde proposal by the Takami group. Your letter is mostly designed to share. A mandatory entry is fresh tuna over sushi rice. The place was decorated in the style of the 50s and is undoubtedly one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

Where? Cl. 89 No. 11A -10

The Bandit

For a fun night of drinks, live music and tickets to share there is El Bandido , a restaurant bar located under a residential building and in front of a church. Getting a reservation is almost an odyssey but without a doubt, it's worth it.

Where? Cl. 79B No. 7-12


Nine is a closed door restaurant. For dinner time only tables with reservations are accepted. This place with capacity for thirty people, has a wine list with more than 120 references from around the world. Their specialty is tapas to share.

Where? Cl. 70 # 10A-18


Outside is just a gate that resembles the entrance of a winery but once the door opens the atmosphere of the place moves its visitors to a restaurant in the United States. The menu of Asian food is small and designed to share. Many of the dishes are for spicy lovers. We recommend the lamb ribs.

Where? Cl. 65 # 4a96

House Restaurant

Excellent restaurant of the DLK group. Its menu has a high Mediterranean influence and the dishes are ideal to share and try a varied menu. The place has multiple atmospheres: outdoor terrace, in the main living room or a large garden sheltered by a large rubber tree.

Where? Cra. 13 # 85-24


A good option for lunch or dinner is Primi, one of the most recent restaurants of the DLK group. (owner of Dilucca, La Brasserie, Agadón, among others). The menu part of the Italian cuisine with some touches of the Mediterranean. It is a fresh restaurant, with rich, easy and varied food. We do not have a huge letter where options overwhelm people? account Beatriz Molano, administrator of the place. What to try? The pizzetas.

Where? Cra. 13 # 85-85

Andres Beef

He was born the idea of ​​moving a bit of the famous Andrés Carne de Res Chia city in 2007. Today Andrés DC is a restaurant 4 story where diners can sample traditional Colombian recipes Andrés, while enjoying and dancing at one of the best places to party in the capital. Discover the magic of this place only visit him. Where ?: Cl 82 # 12-21. - Centro Comercial El Retiro

Cantina and Punto

Takami gastronomic group allied with the Mexican chef Roberto Ruiz, creator of point MX in Madrid and winner of a Michelin Star Bogota to bring a concept of contemporary Mexican food. The place combines good atmosphere and innovative cuisine. Booking must be done. Where ?: Cl. 66 # 4A-33


the same chef Harry Sasson This is a restaurant that stays full and whose service is impeccable. The menu was designed to share the spirits and wines. We recommend guava foot and basket churros to sin with an amazing dessert. Where ?: Cl. 70 # 5-57

The bite

Restaurant with fusion cuisine and intense flavors located in the traditional neighborhood Quinta Camacho. In the letter you will find dishes such as tartare sabanera trout, Pacific creamy rice or grilled octopus. Where ?: Cl. 69a # 10-15

La Brasserie

¿Meat lover? Try traditional French recipes in this restaurant where weekday characters of public life national meet for lunch. Where ?: Cra. 13 # 85-35

Di Lucca

Traditional Italian restaurant in town with more than 25 years of existence. DLK belongs to the business group. Where ?: Cra. 13 # 85-32


Centro Comercial Andino against Watakushi specializes in Thai and Japanese food. The sushi is very good quality. Where ?: Cra 12 # 83 -. 17


Visitors to La Candelaria can go to this old winery today converted into a cozy little restaurant with colorful walls but with vintage design elements. The menu is varied and highlights the pizzas made in a wood oven. Where ?: Cl. 12 # 5-83

Restaurante Pajares Salinas

More than fifty years ago it was founded this symbolic restaurant of the Colombian capital. Callos a la Madrileña those recommended. Where ?: Cra 10 # 96-08

La Provence

Rico French restaurant near the main square in Usaquén. Its facade is charming: a small colorful house and the south of France. At the end of lunch or dinner diners take home a souvenir rich bread or croissant. Where ?: Cra. 6 # 117-44


Mark and Jorge Rausch brothers embody the concept "bistro" and "food" in a place where informality environmental quality does not detract from a menu based on French, American and home kitchens. Where ?: Cra. 6 # 119-24